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Kostadinov Nikola

I have the TSX17-20 PLC from TELEMECANIQUE from 1989 year.
I have a problem with SOFTWARE KEY: it is damaged.
It's number is TSX SKC BC 2110 II:10 3982, W9.1291135 01.01.A.01
I can not run the program pl7-2 without this SOFTWARE KEY.
Can anyone help me where can I buy this SOFTWARE KEY or can I run the program without it ?

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Kostadinov Nikola

Please send me your contact details and I will arrange for a sales rep to call.

My email address is [email protected]
Tel: 978 975 2941

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John Hill
Platforms Team Leader
Schneider Automation

David Hernandez


Telemecanique is now part of Groupe Schnieider; you can go to "", and you can look there for the sales office in your country.
As you says this plc is very old, but here in Mexico they still got this part numbers in stock.

By the way; i don´t think you can run the program with out the key.

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David E. Hernandez

Robert D. Wagner, P.E.


Are you sure the key is damaged? The key for this software will not work on all PCs, it is especially difficult to find notebooks that it works on. From what I've been told, this key basically sets up an oscillator connected to the parallel port and then the frequency is read from the port, if the port voltage varies due to energy saving techniques etc., or the port is not bi-directional, the key validation will fail. If you haven't already tested your key on a desktop PC, I would suggest you try this first. I also have an old copy of this software with its key. If you find you really do need a replacement software package, you can contact me off list at [email protected].

Robert D. Wagner, P.E.

Pierre Desrochers

If I remember correctly, this software had two versions and one of them is without software key. Maybee the guys from Tele. could supply you with the version which does not require a key.

Pierre Desrochers
Integral Instrumentation Inc.
Montreal - Canada
i've just recovered a TSX-17 from Telemecanique
how can i program it and is it possible from windows to do ?

thank's very much
Telemecanique PLC have facility to Write&Protect your application before you download your application to the PLC. After you download your application with Write&Protect facility, nobody can access the application (stated in their manual book PL7-1/2 also PL7-3).