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Hi there, I am currently using UNITELWAY driver to connect PL7 with INDUSOFT. After i tested, the communication by displaying countdown timer(60s) from PL7 in INDUSOFT is working, but sometimes I found that INDUSOFT displays ??? for awhile instead of numeric number. Is that means the transmission rate is not high enough or there is some error? Thanks for helping.


In InduSoft Web Studio, "????" are usually shown when the data quality is not good. This setting is found under Project-Project Settings-Runtime Desktop (tab). This is to protect the user from assuming old data is good data.

Many different things could influence this.

You should make sure you have good communications. In InduSoft you can configure individual tags for Read Status or Write Status, display those tags on screen and compare any error code to the driver manual.

If this doesn't help, you should call or email technical support.

Good luck and happy New Year!
Hi there, thanks for the reply, ya , the communication driver that I used was UNITE last time. I fixed this by using Modbus driver.