PL7 MMI 17 Telemecanique


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farhad rabiee

I use plc Telemecaniqe "pl7 premium TSXP 57425" with PL7 pro software and use tccx 17 operator panels. lately application program on the ccx 17 deleted and only show the general parameters and write connection... OK.

I have PL7-pro software for connection with plc. As regards i have ccx 17 application data but i cannot download this data to ccx 17.

Naturally i have two ccx17 with two cpu that is redundant but both mmi has same problem. Can anyone advise me which device and software need for connect to ccx 17 and can i download application data with pl7-pro to ccx 17 or no?

Hicham El Habbal

MR Rabih please try to call me i have the same problem Hicham El Habbal 00961-3-492793