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Soudani Chakib

I'm a student in the network and telecommunication field at the university of
INSAT, Tunisia. I'm charged to work on a project consisting of creating a new interface between the PC and the TSX 37.10. This interface will allow me to command the automate by connecting, running and stopping it. I work with a TSX
37.10 equiped with one TER and a 28DMZ module. To realise this work, I programmed a sample programm with the Visual Basic and tried to get the command
or the caracters send by the PC to the automate via the com in order to use them. In fact, my PC is equiped with two com : one for the automate and the other for the Basic program. My aim is to save all the caracters send by the PC in a file and therefore use it by the basic programm. Unfortunately, I couldn't realise such a task. It will be veru usefull if someone could help me to solve this problem.
Thank you.
If you want to make this project you must to do:
1. Use TSXPCU1030 connection cable between TSX terminal port and PC com1 or
2. Use Mscomm control (speed=9600,data bits=8,
parity=Odd , stop bits=1).
3. Tsx37.10 ter port is unitelway master and make
the polling with 8 slaves.
The Tsx37.10 ask each slave if is connect on line.
The ask is <DLE><STX><NUMBER OF SLAVE> (for example in hex code :10 05 01 for
slave 1
10 05 02 for slave 2 ,...,10 05 08 for slave 8.)
If the slave is connected on line answer to master
with <EOT> (in hex code : 04 ).
So your PC is slave number 1. If your PC receive on com port the folowing code
: 10 05 01(mscomm.input=10 05 01) your application must send 04
4.If you stopping and running the plc you must send an message.
<DLE> = 10 (in hex code)
<STX> = 02 (in hex code)
<SLAVE ADDRESS> = 01(in hex code)
<LENGTH> = 08 (in hex code)
<TYPE> = 20 (STANDARD MODE ) (in hex code)
= 00 FE 00 00 00
REQUEST CODE = 24 (in hex code for RUN)
= 25 (in hex code for STOP)
CATEGORY CODE= 07 (in hex code)
<BCC> = ???? ( control BCC) (I don't know to make calculation of BCC control )
Details about unitelway communication you can find at - unitelway network .
My email address is [email protected] .

Kurt O. Monnig

Go to "": and search for TSXDRNETE. this is the Xway communications guide, which has all of the request codes for the UNI-TE
protocol. Specifically, you need the reserve, Run, stop, init, i_am_alive and dereserve commands to accomplish your task.

As for the BCC (Block Check Character), this is an eight bit sum of all the bytes in the packet except for repeated DLE characters. It is not a CRC16 like modbus.

Good luck!