PL7 Pro guide for using bridging and FIP, etc.


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Graeme Sayer

I work for a large automotive company as a Systems Analyst. I've been working closely with different vendors and PLC engineers, and quite often they run into problems when trying to configure the ETY and FIPWAY cards to talk to each other.

I normally end up just shrugging my shoulders when they ask questions like "how do I configure the bridge" or "What is the FIPWAY network number"?

It would be nice if I could help out, so are there any guides which show you which numbers go where on the many dialog boxes?

But I'm not a PLC engineer so I don't have access to the manual, that's the whole point of my post here.

I just thought somebody on this forum may know of a site with the info I am looking for.
Surely the person needing to know how to configure is a PLC engineer. If not, they should still clear, for obvious safety reasons! Programing s/w is supplied with manuals on CD-ROM. You could contact your local Schneider office, but again it is pointless if you are not a PLC engineer. I do worry!
It's not a safety issue, as what I do doesn't interfere with the way the PLC controls machines.

All I am concerned with is how the PLCs communicate with our server, and this requires good knowledge of bridging, etc., and all the vendors I have worked with (and there have been a lot!) have little or no knowledge of exactly how this part works. I have even spoken to Schneider about this exact issue, but it seems even they do not know precisely how to set it all up. We eventually got everything to communicate, but it's been more of a trial and error approach to knowing exactly which numbers to put in where.

I just thought that somebody here may have experience with doing this and may know of a guide, but it seems that this is most unlikely.

Oh well, I think I'll just give up. I'm only a humble systems analyst who thought I'd ask a question here. :(

Stephen Hoste

Bridging in Telemechanique is quite straightforward, given a couple of pointers. If you are still struggling with the concepts, feel free to e-mail me, and I'll provide you with what you need to know.

Stephen Hoste
stevehoste @ att .net