PL7 V4.3 doesn't connect to TSX MICRO 3722 with OS V6.0


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I have authorized PL7 V4.3 in my computer. I bought it with PLC TSX Micro 3721 V5.0 in 2003. We bought new PLC TSX MICRO 3722 with OS V6.0 in 2006. Program placed in PLC MICRO 3722 with OS V6.0 from PL7 V4.4 at foreign computer.

I want to get program with my computer, but
Pl7 V4.3 doesn't connect to PlC and writes message:

"System (.TSX) file missing or incorrect. Re-install the I/O catalog" and "Cannot initialize the application read from PLC".

What can I do? Please advise me.
Message means that application in Micro is not compatible with your version of PL7. You state application was downloaded with V4.4, but you have V4.3.

You need to upgrade, minimum V4.4 current version is V4.5