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Mal Steel

Dear Forum
I have a client in the Brewing industry who is looking at Plant Historians to provide reporting , as well as a repository of quality data and traceability info.

If anyone with experience of Plant Historians could recommend a brand I would appreciate hearing any comments (no salesmen please)

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Mal Steel
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Wade Carlson

We have done extensive in-house testing of both the IP21 system by Aspentech, and the PI system by OSI. Both were close in capabilities, but, had a signifcantly different installed base (ie installed in different industry types).
Both companies have extensive web sites.

The former Elsag-Bailey ( now ABB ) uses either system with their INFI90, Harmony, and Symphony systems.

Fisher Rosemount have a reduced functionality version of the PI system imbedded within their HMI / Server system on their new DeltaV controls.

Another system, which we have no experience, but have been in contact with is Instep Software, LLC of Chicago, IL. The sell a package called eDistributed Network Architecture Process Historian.

Wade Carlson
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Mark Fairbaugh

I have been researching for one for our plant. The best on the market is PI by OSI Software.

Mark Fairbaugh

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Colin Walker

Have a look at WonderWare, it's quite popular and has a good user interface.

regards Colin WALKER

Baskar K.G. (ATHEER)

Hi Mal Steel,
We are using PI data historian from OSI software Inc for collecting data from DCS and SCADA system for our gas processing and pipeline facilities.

More info can be found from their web site It is very efficient in terms of storing and retrivig data. It has excellent user interface.

You can also check with Aspentech Inc for their Plant historian - Info Plus.

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William Irish

We were trying to get an ABB historian system using IP.21 up and running and gave up. We switched to Wonderware's Industrial SQL package and finally got a system that works. Industrial SQL is clean, straightforward, very capable, and it works. We are very pleased. Check with your local Wonderware distributor.

Hullsiek, William

> I have a client in the Brewing industry who is looking at Plant
> Historians to provide reporting , as well as a repository
> quality data and traceability info.

An alternative to plant historians is to use MES technologies, Cimnet, Wonderware, DataSweep, Camstar are the big players.

Most process historians, merely do trending and data capture. However, MES are typically used to implement traceability plus have the capability of integrating with your ERP.

Cimnet has implemented their Infolink product for beverage lines. I have been using it for 2 1/2 years.

- Bill Hullsiek

Rupacher Horst

Hi Mal,
In my office we ofen use InfoPlus from AspenTech or PI from OSI to do this job. But there could be a problem concerning the price. Both packages are very expensive even if you need only few data items to compute.
A couple of month ago I got a demo CD with RAPID Historian from Automsoft. I am still interested in using this product but up to now I dont find the time to make some tests on it. The functionality will be even the same than from the market leading products. The greates advantage will be the price. With the licencing system of this product you will be able to use it also for tiny systems.
If there is anyone still using this package please tell us about your experience.
(I think: give newcomer a chance!)

mit freundlichen Gruessen
Horst Rupacher
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I have prior experience with the IP.21 historian while working in tech support for ABB/Bailey. Dupont has choose the Bailey interface (server) and the CIm I/O client as a company standard. It is fairly easy to install, configure, and maintain.