Plant Information System


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Has somebody implemented plant information system
from OSI or Optimax ABB? I wonder how much difficulties encountered using ABB conductor NT
with infi net to implement this project.
We've been running PI with ABB's Freelance DCS (now Industrial IT) for about a year now. Had a memory leak problem with the Freelance OPC server, but that has been resolved.

Other than that, the system has been running fine. But, there are a LOT of little details involved with running PI, it's such a huge system.

But anyway, in terms of connecting the two systems, there weren't any problems.
We have been running PI for over two years with no problems. We use PI Infi90 interface software, and connect to the Infinet via an ICI03 computer interface (Bailey hardware). We actually have three of these setups across our plant (multiple loops), and all the collected data is available to users via our plant WAN. This was really easy to get going.