PlantQue vs PlantMetric


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Pete Squires

Looking for people's experience with these packages. Any other good competition?

Trevor Ousey

I did a workshop on Plantmetric with Rockwell and was happy with the setting up. But I think cost makes it a hard product to get installed. I believe there is only one customer in Australia using it locally here. Also had a look at Wonderware's DTAnalyst, again easy to set up and brilliant web reporting, and with the next version it will provide line efficiencies.

Gerald Beaudoin

We have been using Plantmetrics from Rockwell for about 6 months now. Mostly good experience, some bugs, but seem to worked out now. We are now using the data to target problem areas. Generally, seems to be a good product.

Gerald Beaudoin
Mr. Squires,

Quite by accident, I noticed your post. I am the Principal System Architect for our PlantQue product. I'd be happy to answer any questions. Version 4.10 is being announced today.

Ralph Clark

Pete Squires

Ralph, I'm really looking for other users that have implemented one of the systems. I would be interested in what is available in 4.10. Please e-mail me with contact info.

Thanks, Pete Squires
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Joe Van De Hey

What is the cost for hardware, software and engineering for a single machine cell? If you can break down cost and the overall usage such as
reports would be nice.