PLANTWEB in the Oil & Gas Industry


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Is PLANTWEB suitable for the Oil & Gas Industry? Is it as robust and reliable as conventional DCS systems? I wish to talk to a Control Engineer presently involved with an Oil & Gas PLANTWEB installation! I wish to evaluate the possibility of retrofitting a PLANTWEB solution in a 20yr old pertochemical plant. However, I need tangible data from a PLANTWEB end user in the petrochemical industry!
yes, because scada has reability system and scada have integrated and distributed system at factory
Why are there no responses to this message? The pragmatists are not going to move ahead with Plantweb/Fieldbus until there are successful reference sites. The silence is deafening.

Frederix Rudi

I'm working for Kuwait Petroleum as engineering manager. We've installed a complete FF network with 6 segement and 96 smart transmitters.This network is connected to DELTA-V. We've also connected the Delta-V software via OPC with a Siemens S5 PLC and with the visualisation software Intouch of wonderware. I have no doubt waht so ever why you shouldn't use plantweb to automate you're plant. for more info [email protected]