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Josh Wallner

I know this is kind of off the controls beatin' path, but does anyone out there have a source for 3 circuit plate heat exchangers. I have an application where we have 2 sources of cooling, one primary from the chiller, and one back up from domestic cold water, and one secondary loop also fresh water). So if you know a source for such a beast, please reply.

Josh Wallner

APV makes what is called a connector grid to allow the first cooling service out and a new cooling service in. If you use two of these you will get you three services in the exchanger. They will be able to help you select the right configuration and sizing. The U.S. main contact is

1200 W. Ash Street
PO Box 1718
Goldsboro, NC 27533-1718
Tel: 919-735-4570
Fax: 919-731-2351
Toll Free: 800-828-7391

or try them at They should be able to get you in contact with your local rep.

Good Luck

Chris Shea