PLC 5/03 + 1761-NET-ENI + PCIM SCADA


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There is a device (1761-NET-ENI) which allows one to connect Allen Bradley's 5/03 PLC to an Ethernet/IP environment.

I use AFCON PCIM SCADA to communicate to the PLC thru RS232 DF1 protocol, but I want to do it by means of ethernet (by using 1761-NET-ENI) and I can't find any driver that supports this.

I will appreciate any information regarding this topic that might lead me to a solution.

For example, I have one computer, one SLC 500 5/03, the SCADA PCIM, RSLINX and RSLOGIX 500 installed.

RSLINX is already configured to see the PLC through the 1761-NET-ENI and working. Now, I set up ABPLC driver in SCADA. But when I execute SCADA, it says that the port is being used. So I am thinking that I am missing something here... I mean, actually if I start SCADA, it initiates RSLINX automatically and then it shows the message, as if RSLINX is occupying the port and interfering with PCIM.

How can I make both RSLINX and PCIM work together?