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do you know a software that can covert a program of PLC 5 250 AB to controllogix 5550 AB?

where can I find?

thank you



There is no software that can directly convert Allen-Bradley PLC-5/250 programs to a ControlLogix format. The 5/250 Pyramid Integrator architecture included optional multiple logic processors, optional MicroVAX coprocessors, optional vision processors, diverse communications options, and an addressing syntax uniquely designed to handle all of the I/O links available. Projects so large that they needed this much complexity can be reproduced cost-effectively in the ControlLogix architecture, but it can't be done automatically--- for the same reasons that the 5/250 hasn't been sold much for more than ten years.

In 1989, "big iron" PLCs were the popular way to automate larger and larger portions of a plant. PLCs were large and getting larger. Meanwhile, PCs were becoming common and small PLCs were showing up. Almost overnight, networked small PLCs and data processing PCs replaced the one big central control rack. (On a personal note, I installed a 5/250 as an integrator in 1989, then watched cheerfully as it was replaced by a network of smaller PLCs and a PC in 1992.)

There is no direct conversion from the 5/250 to ControlLogix because there is little reason to build replica dinosaurs. Anything that a Pyramid Integrator system could do in the late eighties can be done better today by a network of Logix processors and industrial PCs.

While the architecture may not be worth saving, the logic in a 5/250 program can be salvaged by a knowledgeable integrator. The available conversion tools in RSLogix5000 software may help with that. In any case, I'd look for an experienced integrator to do this job.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver Rexel / Central Florida

On July 29, 2003, f3d3rico wrote:
> do you know a software that can covert a program of PLC 5 250 AB to controllogix 5550 AB?
> where can I find? <
Logix 5000 will do this for you. Refer to the online documentation and help for RSLogix 5000. There are a number of incompatabilities that can be generated. If this happens, Logix5000 will flag those for you. See the documentation.
I'm afraid Larry is mistaken. I wrote a program to convert 5/250s to CLX that has been used successfully a number of times (References if you want 'em). On one project only one rung had to be changed!. If you need help I can do the conversion for you.I don't know what Logix 5000 can do thes days to the best of my knowledge it only converts PLC 5s My program convert all 5250 ladder logic. There are some instructions that can't be converted but not many and they were infrequently used e.g. GMF Generate Major Fault.

If you have a MicroVax or vision modules you are out of luck I'm afraid. Although if the MVax stuff is written in C and you have the source I may be able to help there. I have had years of experience with MicroVax C and 5250 PLCs

To do the PLC conversion the program has to be saved with AI5250 software. The only way to convert 6200 to AI is to load the pprogram into a PI with 6200 and save it with AI. Unfortunately I don't have a PI, you're local distributor may help if you don't have AI. (Don't forget to convert the documentation my program converts all the documentation, including rung comments which Logix 5000 5-> CLX doesn't).

To the best of my knowledge L5K doesn't convert 5250 programs only 5s.

Let me know if I can help.

Pete Jack
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