PLC 5/250 to ControlLogix Migration


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David Reynolds

We utilize the Pyramid Integrator PLC 5/250 as a gateway and memory concentrator between our MMI's (WonderWare), Level 2(Process Control system) and a DH+ network with PLC5's and a couple of SLC's.
There is no logic processor in the PI just the Resource Manager, a KA card and an EI card. We currently use a ControlLogix Gateway (no processor) as a second gateway.
~80% of the Wonderware I/O is to and from the memory in the PI. The rest is via one of the gateways (PI or CLX) to the PLC-5's.
100% of the I/O for the Level 2 system (Dec Alpha using Interchange) is to and from the PI.

Does anyone have experience in a migration from a PI to CLX? What are the problems, workarounds that came up? Should we try to emulate our current system using a CLX processor or completly resturcture the communications?

Replies via this list or e-mail appreciated.
David Reynolds Process Coordinator Steelmaking Process Control.

Geoff Nunan Advanced Integration Pty Ltd

It is possible to emulate PLC5 in CLX, but there are so many advantages of re writing the code that it seems like a claytons fix to emulate the plc 5 code.
I am just getting into my 3rd CLX project, 1 conversion from SLC5/03 and 2 green field projects, and love the CLX and what it can do.

Geoff Nunan
Advanced Integration Pty Ltd
Bathurst NSW