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I have the plc-5 software but can't do any emulation, without being attached to a PLC, is there any add-on available to this program that will allow me to do this?

Wade Carlson

Our company uses the Allen-Bradley line of PLC's for Power Station Auxiliary Controls.

The one method that SaskPower has used actually uses a PLC processor, but, does not need the I/O related to it. The way that the I/O is simulated is with a personnal computer, a DH+ interface card in one of the computers ISA slots, and a software package from a company called SSI Technologies in eastern Canada. The current version of their software runs under Windows NT.
We have our consultants and system houses, use this method for Factory Testing our systems prior to delivery to site. The current software supports both PLC5 and ControlLogix architectures.

We used something similar for our new Gas Turbine "Egatrol" Controls by AAB, during Factory Tests.

We have also used something similar on our Woodward Micronet Governor Controls during Factory Tests.

A cheaper method is available from Allen Bradley, and utilizes their own RS line of software. The have the Software based PLC package that can
actually used to run PLC5 ladder logic and control real world I/O. But, it can also be used to emulate the I/O and real world processes.
This only requires a personal workstation running Windows NT.

Wade Carlson, P. Eng.
Senior I&C Engineer
Power Production Business Unit.

Christopher Di Biase

Two options I know of would be Rockwell Software's RSEmulate5 package or using a SoftLogix5 running on your computer. Neither is free, but either one should do the trick for you. I'd imagine the RSEmulate5 would be less
expensive though

Christopher Di Biase
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Lillie, Dave

A SoftLogix 5 / ControlPak Demo CD is available for evaluation at:

It contains the Demo version of the SoftLogix 2.0 Engine, which is identical to the retail version except it will only remain in the "Run Mode" for 3 hours, and has some networked IO limitations.

Note: This same Demo version ships on the RSLogix 5 Product CD.

Dave Lillie
SoftLogix Extensions Program Manager
Rockwell Software Inc.
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