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Arturo Arevalo Escobar

Does anybody know where can I find a comparison table between AB and GE PLCs?

Thank you

Chuck Miller

31 votes does not equate to platform function or stability. This is not the type of comparison that is appropriate......

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Ive worked with both AB and GE PLCs. Comparing the SLC500 to the 90-30 I found that...
GE 90-30 is ...
costs much less and is very well built
easier to interface to
Far easier to program
Has better tech support via 800 #

If I had a job to do and it had to be done on time and budget I would definitely choose the 90-30!

Bob Peterson

Trying to start a fight are you?

I've done a few 90-30s. I'd say you are right except on a few points.

1) Cost differential is not as big as you might think for typical projects, although AB is the price "leader".

2) I am not sure what you mean by easier to interface to. If you are referring to using only more or less open communication protocals I would agree. But factoring that out, and whatever that might bring to the plate, they are equally easy to interface to.

3) I would NOT agree they are easier to program. They are if you like short descriptors and IEC logic. If you don't then they are not as easy. RSLogix runs rings around anything 90-30s have to program with.

Sadly, the tech support thing has been true for a long time. AB has made some serious strides though.

Bob Peterson
OK... can't resist this one any more either.

I think that the GE VersaPro editor is more flexible, more intuitive and easier to use in Windows than the RSLogix500. Granted if you like the hot keys and are a power user, you may do better with AB, but for the beginning or casual user VersaPro is easier. During the mid-90's I spent three years in a GE-centric environment- in fact, they came to us to help beta-test the first GE windows ladder software, which was awful- and I've spent the last three back with AB. I think that the 90/30 is easier to use than a SLC and for many apps just as good. RSLogix allows more subs in a program, and can pass parmameters into the subs; VersaPro can't. If you can write a program with 63 or less subroutines and don't mind the flat fixed address space in a 90/30, go with it. When I worked for an OEM, we blocked all that off to suit our produt and wrote very flexible, maintainable programs of several thousand rungs with no trouble at all. If you need additional programming flexibility for tricky stuff, go with RSLogix. I have found that I can get the shortest scan times with a SLC and that the asynchronous comm that a SLC provides for the HMI is sometimes crucial. That is, the GE adds HMI comm time to the scan, and there's nothing you can do about it. Minimum is 6 milliseconds, so that achieving scan times of less than 15-20 msecs in a 90/30 is next to impossible for most systems. Now, if you want to talk Logix5000, that really is something new... but that's another thread <g>.
As always, your mileage may vary <g>.

Paul T



Regarding your comment about "achieving scan times of less than 15-20 msecs in a 90/30 is next to impossible for most systems." Does it apply to communications between 9030 and HMI (Cimplicity) via Ethernet ?


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