PLC based control logic simulation


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abhijeet sinha

Hi everyone, I have taken up this project of preparing a software in VB for simulating a PLC based control logic. Based on the input given by the user in the form of texts I have to generate not only the ladder logic but also the run view or the circuit diagram wherein the use can actually test his design. Can anyone tell of places and sources where I can find help for doing my project. thanks in advance.

George Barraclough

I have written a PLC ladder logic simulator in visual basic for use as a training aid. I also have several PLC simulation packages and some PC control software.
I would be interested to know how your project is going. The problems I had were the fact that the computer deals with logic in a diffrent way to the PLC even though they are just AND, OR, NOT gates. Try to add the together on a ladder screen and see what I mean.
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