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I want that the omron plc dials with a modem and send some text to a pager or mobil phone. Is there somebody who can help with a ladder program? I am using a C200h alpha plc

Mark Ashburn

I recently had to set-up am alarm that would call several phone numbers (in case of a furnace failure). I'm sure it is possible to do but not so sure it it would be worth the time/trouble. I bought a burgler alarm phone dialer from Radio Shack (~$90). It has 2 inputs (fire and burgler) and dials up to 3 numbers. It outputs different DTMF tones depending on which input is activated. It seams to me (IMHO) that you may be better off to look at something like that.
Mark Ashburn
There are two ways to get good information embedded in the messages: The hard way is to write a comm. driver in ladder logic (ewwww) to call a datapager and leave a message using the TXD(-) and RXD(-) commands that are available in the PLC. The RS232C port (assuming an CPU21 or higher) can be put into "No Protocol" mode so you can transmit ASCII strings that you store in your DM Area. The PLC could dial the modem, then send character messages when it receives its response. It's not easy, but can be done by someone with above average PLC ability. The easy way is with AlarmWorX32 MMX by Iconics. You'll need the Omron Hostlink OPC Server as well (also available from Iconics). Run this software on a computer that is connected to the PLC and has a phone line attachment. It can notify via data pager, numerical pager, fax, email, and more. See for details.