PLC Coding/Configuration Standards


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Dave Hockaday

I'm searching for informatin on how various companies have developed their own coding and/or configuration standards for internal computer
validation. Our company is talking about developing such an internal standard for A-B PLC's, MMIs, and servo controllers. Any info, pointers to websites, or samples would be most appreciated!

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Dear Mr.Dave,

In the industry you have On/OFF control valves, Proportional control valves, On/Off motors, Variable speed drives .
MAke one common acro for on/off equipment , make one more common macro for Proportional controllers & a separate macro for cascade, and
separate macro for Ratio control.

Where ever you want these you call the macro and paste it. It solves 75 % of the coding problems and time .

The logic , how does that operate's make a separate sheet and cross reference with the above said macros.

this is the most easiest method and also it saves the lot of time , and trouble shootong is also quite easy.


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