PLC coding design patterns?


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Kelvin Proctor

G'day A-List,

I have been looking for some time for a good book on structuring large scale PLC programs. By large I'm thinking of something like the current baggage handling system I'm working on with 50 Siemens S7-400s with a full bag tracking model and custom communications protocols to a sortation control system.

In computer programming the trend for serious programming books (not reference manuals or teach yourself C in 21 steps type books) has been design patterns. These are usually language agnostic and show a pattern for solving a whole class of problems.

Are there any examples of similar texts specifically relating to large PLC installations that anyone knows of?



Curt Wuollet

No, nothing I've seen. But it might be good to divide and conquer with as many nodes as identical as possible and just a few types. That way you have several small designs.