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Hi all,

I have a PLC Schneider "Micro TSX 3705" and I want to send all faults massege to mobile. How do I do that, and if that's available, what's the component?

Hi Tico, Yes, that's available. One year back, in one of my project, I have to program Allen-Bradley Flex-Logix PLC to send critical alarm message to GSM mobile phone.

To accomplish that requirement, I used Maestro 100 GSM modem from Fargo Telecom which have RS-232 serial port, and I connected PLC serial port with GSM modem serial port. So PLC can send or receive message to GSM Modem through RS-232 serial port.

Then, change PLC serial port configuration to text mode, so PLC can send text or ascii character to GSM Modem. To send message, send the AT command AT+CMGS to GSM modem.

Hope this help

Daniel Romano

Hey guys,
do you know if there I can do something similar to send SMS from the Siemens S7-200?

Daniel Romano

Hey Mark, Thanks for your reply.

I’ve tested the application from Siemens for SMS with the GSM modem. I’ve suceeded to send a single SMS. But the problem is that I have several different alarms to be sent and it is becoming tough to manage the application because it “collapses”: if several alarms occur at the same time the system crashes, and when this occurs, I have to be aware of the reset bit to reactivate the application manually, and... well, I expected something more reliable from Siemens.

Anyway, has anyone already done a project with this library, with several SMS, and it works well?


Marc Sinclair


The microsets are only demonstrations. The supplied code is a bit 'clunky' and the library is, er, non-optimal, the library however is not protected and you can adapt it to your needs. The code is written for the TC65 although I've only ever used the TC35i. I mostly use the CP243-1 IT to send SMS via email, using the GSM route for smaller or movable machines. As for your specific program, I can't comment, but it shouldn't 'collapse' if you work logically. Make sure that you reset the modem, send an SMS, then wait for confirmation before sending another. If there is an error, reset then try again.

Marc Sinclair

Daniel Romano

Thanks again Mark,

>The supplied code is a bit 'clunky' and
>the library is, er, non-optimal, <

:) I guess that is the problem with the Siemens microset. I got exited by easily sending the first SMS but then... it is not that good.

>Make sure that you reset
>the modem, send an SMS, then wait for
>confirmation before sending another. <

The problem is when I get some alarm-triggering conditions simultaneously... I can't make it work, I'm not that expert in PLC programming... :(

I guess if there is a simpler solution out there, like a library or something similar.

>I mostly use the CP243-1 IT to send SMS
>via email, using the GSM route for
>smaller or movable machines. <

I don't plan to use the CP243-1 IT, but I'm curious. :) What does "using the GSM route" exactly mean?

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Hey Daniel,

Here you have a web site where you can download a library for MicroWIN that solves SMS sending with a GSM modem and a Siemens S7-200:

I worked with that in a project, it's very easy to use and it worked great for me. The library configures the modem, sends SMS to several mobile at once, and it also has a tool to manage incoming SMS (you can recognize the text of the received SMS and activate functions of the program based on that). And no worries for several messages being sent simultaneously, the library manages that transparently. It’s cool!
There are 2 solutions possible here:
A PLC based one which is less expensive but with limited features.
A PC based one which may get a bit expensive but also has its own advantages.

For the PC based one, you need to bring your data to the PC. (It's great if you already have a PC-based HMI.) Then you can use off the shelf products for alarm and event notification. One such product is UCMe which can connects to any OPC Server and sends data over SMS/Fax/E-Mail/Phone/RSS Feeds. It has great features like automatic escalation of alarms, alarm acknowledgement, web-based alarm reporting and many more.

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Vipul Shah
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Dear sir
We have Allen Bradley micrologix1400 and compact logic L43 PLC, and I want to send the message to a mobile number by GSM modem through RS232. I have used Sim900A GSM modem.

So is it possible to this PLC and GSM modem?