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Shvaitanshu Raina

Dear Sirs,
I have an enquiry. As to my knowledge the PLCs talk to each other on a serial link. Now my question is that is there some interface which
can change these signals to IP traffic so that it can be sent over say radio or leased line just like any data.. For the PLCs is delay of say 40-50 miliseconds unacceptable?? How can you help us in this? What do you have to offer for this kind of problem? An early response would be highly appreciated Thanking You

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Tanweer Ahmed

You didn't mention the brand and model of PLC you are using. Almost all the major brands offer communication modules to convert from their proprietary protocol to TCP/IP. Better to call the
supplier of your PLC hardware.

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I assume you already considered sending the serial data over modems without converting to IP and are looking for something less expensive. DataLink products may be able to help you
converting Allen-Bradley PLC serial (DF1 or DH+) to Ethernet.
Check the following link .