PLC/DAC with 24 bit resolution


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Amith Kalaghatagi

I'm trying to find a PLC or an A/D-D/A module which can give me a digital to analog output (Voltage 0-10V) of 24 bit resolution. This is for automating a Hydraulic Force Press which reads from 0-60,000 lbs in 1 lb increment or better. Hence commonly available 16 bit (65,500 counts) input/output is not enough. Please advise if any off the shelf products available which can be programmed using windows. Thank you.

For hardware like that you will need to look at data acquisition boards and modules from companies such as National Instruments or Measurement Computing.

However, getting a reading accurate enough to make use of 16 bits of resolution is difficult enough under field conditions. Making use of 24 bits of resolution will take very careful design throughout your system. 24 bits of resolution is not the same thing as 0.000006 percent accuracy. I'm not sure you will be able to do that outside of a lab. I have no idea how you would calibrate something like that.
16-bit isn't such used due to high price vs. really commonly used 8 or 10-bit ones. You can use two or more channels for division full range to couple of ranges - with analogue "course" and "fine" ones.