PLC design for water treatment plant


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Arunachalam R

dear all,

i am currently working in a power plant. we are going for PLC automation for water treatment plant.

i don't know the exact function of communication chassis in PLC configurations. while finalising the vendor drawing of PLC configuration, it shows that the communication of MODBUS RTU and to plant DCS is from one of the IO chassis..

IS it correct? then what is the usage of allotting communication chassis separately..

they showed the comm chassis is only for communicating the numerical relays only..

shall i demand the vendor to make the plant DCS interfacing in the communication chassis alone?

kindly GUIDE..

Thanks in Advance

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Gerald Beaudoin

We have always made sure to keep DCS communication totally separate from any I/O. If it means separate communication modules at extra cost...then so be it.

At least the two systems are then isolated and the extra cost is quickly recovered during any subsequent troubleshooting you might have to do.

Gerald Beaudoin