PLC Direct DL-05


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Does anyone have experience with these, and what are your opinions? We are thinking of using one, and the price is definitely right, but
don't want to use something that'll cause a headache down the road.


Alan Rimmington

I have used them before and they seem pretty robust, and certainly are good value for money. One thing that does let the side down slightly is the software, which is nowhere near as good as Allen-Bradley offerings, however once you get used to it is fairly easy to use. If the client is not too fussy then go for it, however some blue chip companies may turn their noses up.
Great as a relay replacer. I had problems with it as an RTU. If you need to network two or more, I would use something else.

Christopher Eiden

For the money they are hard to beat. Have been using them since they came out for simple projects. Have had excellect luck with the

Rudi Kersten

Good day,

I have worked with the 05 extensively and am using it in many applications, from power monitoring of electrical DBs to process control for furnaces.

I have found the software easier than Allen Bradley as the Data( Live view windows) are selectable for each application. The help files are also more complete.


Rudi Kersten
Paradigm Control
I have used the 05,105,and 205 series of Koyo PLCs and have been pleased with them. The 05 for the money can't be beat. And now with the intro of a analog I/O card for the 05 it has every thing offered in a AB Micro at half the price. I must agree that the software is a bit lame, but you can't have it all.