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Arthur Mann

I am interested in locating a PLC to be used to replace a temperature monitor. The monitors failed because of the high temperature inside the local control panel, 100F. There are a total of 24 temperature RTDs and thermocouples. The PLC will need discrete outputs and PID control for a temperature control loop. (1 analog input and output) Since I am located in Indonesia and its difficult to get the info I need quickly. Any recommendation on what to product to use as well as what products not to use?

email me the next information to help you out:

How many RTD

How many Termocouples and what type (J,K,S, etc)

How many digital inputs

How many digital outputs

How many analog outputs (voltage or current)

How many analog inputs (voltage or current)

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Our company has supplied in the past climatic chambers based on PLC control with up to 24 temperature sensors (either thermocouple, RTD, etc) and with temperatures from -150ºC up to +180ºC.
The PLC control can go as far as +/- 0.5 ºC after stabilization, and temperature change rates in this range of between 0.1 ºC/min up to over 40 ºC/min on the product.

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Rui Viotty
I think you should look at the koyo dl range of plcs thay have a great low cost rtd/Tc input cards and seem to have a reasonable instruction set

PS i have looked at nearly all low cost plcs and koyo is way out in front when it comes to temperature (and i am an omron man !)

regards craig

Jason Halligan

this is my first go at this, so it may not work. Here in New Zealand we have a company called Intech, they have just introduced a module with 16 programmable inputs(voltage, current, rtd, therocouple, digital in and 3 outputs). Not 100% on electronic address contact me if interested.

Thanks Jas.
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If do you use any PLC, exist a little and low cost, NAIS FP0 series, its a AROMAT brand little PLC, associated with FP0-A21 Analog unit with direct thermocouple inputs.
The other possibility, any multi-zone thermal control...

Horacio Garnica
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