PLC, HMI interfacing via serial comms


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I have been told that I can do this by Intellution using a 8 port 485 serial comms card which connects to the PLC's via the programming ports, using OPC drivers.
Can anyone give me any tips on configration and advice on what type of drivers to use ?


Mark Mullins

We probably need a little more information. Intellution can certainly handle all standard PLC serial interface if it is a serial protocol that is not supported you may want to look at OmniServer as this provides customisable serial interfaces to the devices and then Ifix connects to the omniserver useing OPC. Take a look at the OmniServer site.

Mark Mullins

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Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

You will not get an RS485 interface to talk to a Siemens S5 programmer port, it uses RS232!!

Donald Pittendrigh


Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

You can try a multi-port RS232 port and RS232-TTY cable connector. This way you can use the programming port (AS511) on the S5 CPU to read data.