PLC Modicon Quantum Automation Series

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Edgar Oswaldo Parada Garcia

Could you please tell me where I can find Guides and manual on this plc?
PLC Modicon Quantum Automation series,
Manufacturer: Aeg Schneider/Automation(Modicon/Square D/Telemecanique)

I work with all kind of industries and frequently have question on several applications. I would like to be in touch with mechanical/electrical/electronics engineers to exchange info and pieces of advice.

Humberto Nunes


Check for technical information on Modicon products.

Also, Modicon has a support line here in Canada, it's 1 800 387 8247.

If you need a number closer to were your located, the modicon web site should also have this information.

Best Regards,

Humberto Nunes

Edgar Parada


Thank you very much for your info.There is a lot of info at the site you mentioned!!!..We wil be in touch. Bye bye