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Sameer Maggon

Hi All,

I am a Computer Engineer from India.
And i am new to the world of PLC .. i mean u can say that i am unaware about PLC.. can anybody suggest me, on how to go about it and how to learn working on PLC and doing some small automations?

Sameer Maggon
The first and most important step, define what it is you plan to control. Map out how you want the machine/process to work. The more detail the better. Define the sensors necessary to provide information to the control. Define the actuators required to do the work. If you are using RLL(Relay Ladder Logic) for the first time, read up on the commands as with any computer language. The major difference with PLC's is the program scan vs a sequencial language such as BASIC.

Good Luck
I like the jump right in and start method. For a newbie I think DL105 PLC and the DV1000 display would be inexpensive enough. Order the
programming manual for both for about $15. The programming software and the hardware can be had from for around $300.

Well, I'm also a newbie to PLCs. Does anyone have any recommendations of a suitable book to read up on? I think it is better, as a newbie,
to get a rough idea of what makes up a PLC, the components, relays, counters, sensors, etc. and what the PLC can do. I've search the website
and I think there's more to cover to know more about PLCs. For example, sensors. There are many different types of sensors made from
different ideas/ways in order to achieve the objective and increasing the reliability of that certain sensors and also the way it is to be
used. That's what I think as a newbie. If I'm wrong please correct me. Thank you.

Johan Bengtsson

We have a computer based course including a good description of how to write PLC programs and a PLC simulator to test it on connected to some simulated machines and a simulated traffic light.

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