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Jody Gallant CET

I have Kepware software setup at the local wastewater treatment facility. I am using scripting in wonderware to poll a group of 6 lift stations once an hour. Problem is that I am wasting a LOT of tags just doing the error detection for the kepware server, and I still can't get it to run reliably.

What I mean, is that the software will run great for a couple of days. dials up on the hour and polls the 6 stations. If for some reason it encounters an unhandled exception error (busy, no answer, down phone line. etc...) the software hangs, and I get no logging of data til someone realizes there is a problem.

I realize that I could write a more "bullet proof" script, but surely someone has done this before, or there must be a package out there that automatically takes care of this??? I am wasting a lot of expensive tags.

Thanks in advance
Jody Gallant CET
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Jody Gallant

Just to clarify, there is nothing actually wrong with the Kepware server. It works well, and does exactly what it was advertised to do. The only question I had for the list, was, is there something that could take care of the scripting that I now need to do in Wonderware. I just want to make sure nobody gets confused and thinks that there is anything wrong with the kepware system. The system works great, and the support provided was exceptional. Thanks Jody Gallant CET Shadcomm Ltd.
Mr. Gallant, Please contact Colin Winchester at 704-849-2773 x 25 so that we can work on addressing these issues -- We are able and willing to help and work things out on any product related issues you are having. We supplied the Kepware Server to you and have access to all the development resources to help address any product related issues. Sincerely, John Weber President Softwaretoolbox Inc.
Could you have it dial up a 7th number that is keeping track of being called, so that "someone realizes there's a problem" sooner?