PLC program validation with emulator software

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Jean-Christophe BLAISE

I already know MAXSIM from the TNI company, I have also heard about PICS but I have forgotten the name of the company.

Does anyboby know such other software ?

Thanks in advance for your help
Rockwell software makes one for the Rockwell line of processors called RSLogix Emulate 5 for the PLC5 and RSLogix Emulate 500 for the SLC 500 & micrologix line of processors.

Bob Peterson

I have used both of these products and find they work very well. There are a couple of quirks though.

1. If you try to access a data table address via RSLinx (using the emulator driver) it crashes the emulator with a GPF (at least in Win98).

2. Some functions (like PID) do not work. This is normally only a minor aggravation, but if you are doing a lot of customized PID loops, it would be nice if this function worked.

The RS emulators allow you to write code that actaully simulates inputs in your ladder logic. You can also do this inside a PLC5 or SLC500. For
instance, you can actually have an output turn on an input in your program (both in emulation and in the real PLC). This is a handy trick for testing.

I have also tried the Concept emulator for Quantum PLCs (Modicon). This product works well, but the documentation is tough. It has no easy way to simulate inputs except via direct manipulation of the address. No way to do it in code.

I have also heard that SST (formerly Sutherlund Schultz) has I/O emulation techniques available. You buy their software and (for instance) an AB RIO card for a PC. Then instead of hooking up your PLC RIO scanner to your RIO network, you hook it to the RIO card in the PC. You can make it do all kinds of nifty things on a programable basis. Supports AB, Modicon, and Profibus that I know of. An acquantance uses it extensively and loves it.

Bob Peterson
OK, but this soft is dedicated to Allen Bradley PLCs, doesn't it? I look for "generic" soft usable for any PLC and if possible supporting the IEC 1131-3 standard

Bob Peterson

> 1. If you try to access a data table address via RSLinx (using the
> emulator driver) it crashes the emulator with a GPF (at least in Win98).


I meant to say that if you attempt to access a non-existant data table address, the emulator crashes.

I discovered this by accident. I was using RSView communicating to the emulator and a couple screens had tags on them where the tag address did not actually exist in the PLC data table. Everytime I went on those screens, the thing crashed. Spent many hours over several days on the phone with tech support, emailed them the files, finally figured it out myself. I emailed
them what I had discovered, never heard anything back.

Bob Peterson