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Ken Crater

Hi all,
We've been busy working over the past couple of weeks to create the structure for an archive of PLC programming examples. Automation List
member Joe Jansen has agreed to maintain the archive (thanks, Joe!), and a special email address has been established for correspondence. We've also had a few volunteers willing to do format conversions for various program formats.

Although the archive is currently empty (hint, hint...), you will be able to view it at:

At the above address, there is a link that allows you to upload a file (in PDF format, please), and provide a description of the program. If you have
trouble creating a PDF from your program, please contact the maintainers at:

[email protected]

Joe has some programs that he intends to put on the site, as soon as he finishes attending to an emergency (we all have them...). In the meantime,
please consider whether you might have some examples that you could share, and that would be useful to others. And, check back with the Archive from time to time to see the collection grow.

Ken Crater
[email protected]