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Rich Hopper

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Hi, hows it going? I'm sending you this message in regards
to PLC programs. I am a 6th quarter student at ITT Technical
Institute. I have to program a PLC with an extensive ladder
logic program, and I was wondering if you by chance you had
any programs that I could use for my final exam. I
appreciate any-thing you can do. My e-mail address is
[email protected]. Thank you! Rich Hopper
Dear Hopper,

I could supply you some program but atleast you should write that what type of program you needed, what type of plc you intend to use and
some specifications of the subject of your project.


Imran Shabbir

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Tanweer Ahmed

Hi Hopper,

Just a PLC program is nothing.
In the very first place you should have an objective, i.e. a machine to be automated.
You have to count the number of I/Os and its type i.e. how many analog how mny discrete I/Os.
Prepare an assignment list i.e. name all the I/Os with their absolte addresses. Think all the ifs and buts for controling each and every final control element of your system.
Then only you can start writing a program.

If I simply send you a PLC program for any specific application it will be meaningless for you.


Tanweer Ahmed