plc project with Siemens S7-300


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tayfur özkan

I have to make a project with Siemens S7-300 at school. It includes 50-100 digital I/O and a few analog I/O's. I do not use PID or motor speed-motion control. I just control motors by start and stop. It must be an automation system, especially a conveyor belt or an assembly line. I want to use a HMI unit(operator panel). My problem is finding a real industry project. If I find a
project, I can start programming.

James Ingraham


Barcoded box are travelling down a conveyor trunk line. There are 16 spur conveyors off of the trunk. A total of 10 different products (distinguished by barcode) can be run at any given time. Each spur conveyor leads to a
palletizing system. Boxes come on to the main conveyor at given rate, and can be pallitized at some much slower rate. The PLC must assign which barcode goes to which lane in order to keep the boxes flowing through the system. Assume that the palletizers never go down (ha!) and that boxes that reach the end of the trunk conveyor without being diverted must be handled manually. (Or add in a re-circulate conveyor, if you like).