PLC register data to excel spreadsheet


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Seth Yancey

I have a web server enabled HMI (e-terminals E300) connected to a Mitsubishi A2N CPU. The HMI unit is on our plant wide Ethernet network. I can create web pages to be served by the HMI that allow me to view what product code has been bar code scanned and entered into a register in the PLC memory. What I want to do is have the information in this register imported into an MSExcel spreadsheet to produce somewhat of a production report. The spreadsheet "cursor" will have to advance each time a new product code is scanned (can this be done with some kind of trigger bit). I will also want a time/date stamp associated with each entry.

Can I do this? If so, please recommend any references (web or printed) that could get me started.

Seth Yancey

You can use LabView's Software for HMI application which will allow you to have the data (bar code) imported and with that you can use Visual Basic codes to work with spreadsheet.

Good Luck..