PLC Serial Communication to Density Meter


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I have an SLC/503 which I want to hook up to a density meter which has only got RS232 serial communications.

Can this be achieved? I have used DCS systems in the past where this sort of thing could be done by writing your own driver. I am not that familiar with PLC's and not user if this can be done with SLC/503

The density meter accepts keyboard characters as commands to tell it what information is required.

ie * = return to main menu.

Any pointers will be appreciated


Jerry Miille


We offer a protocol converter in two form factors that could possibly be used for your application.

It is available in a SLC form factor if you have an available slot AND a free DF-1 serial port (Chan 0) or a DIN rail mounted module that still requires a DF-1 port. It supports many different serial communication protocols, one of which is a generic "ASCII" protocol which you seem to be describing. It can convert the return ASCII string(s) to integer, floating point and other formats that can be automatically written to files in the PLC.

Contact email is sales at miille dot com

Jerry Miille