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Steve Carradice

I am looking for a good PLC simulation package to use with Allen Bradley PLC SLC5/04 can anyone point me in the right direction. Also I have heard that there is a simulation package called Genesis which I am having trouble sourcing.

Jennifer Powell

Hi Steve,
You may find something on this site under the PLC thread "AB Simulation Software", dated 3/29/2000.

Jennifer Powell
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Allen Bradley (Rockwell Software)sells a very good simulation package for the
SLC5/03 04 05 line.
The package name is " Emulate 500 "
I have used this product and I think it is very good.

Jerry Cook
RS EMU500 works ok if you don't mind not being able to simulate:
Communications - of course
PID or BT(R/W)
The emulated SLC5/0x scan times also run about
10 times slower than hardware (depending on the ladder).