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Cesar Mera

Looking for a slick PLC simulation program to make it run on my PC. Already have one but you can only program apps in Instruction Language.
Does anybody know a simulator that can be programmed in Ladder Logic?

Thanks in advance...

Darren Lloyd

I work for Siemens.
We have a package called PLCSIM.
This mimics a full blown plc on your PC.
You can simulate switches, force outputs etc etc.
You can program in Ladder, STL and CSF.
If you want more info email me.
Darren Lloyd
[email protected]
ProDef has an IEC1131 Ladder Logic and SFC compiler that outputs Microsoft C++ source for compiling with Microsoft Visual C to create an exe
that runs on the PC. You can connect to the running exe with DDE. All of the source code is exposed - so you can change the coding rules as
required. You can download a demo from: "":