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Gert Rombaut


Does anybody know where i can download a PLC simulator for S7 - Siemens?



Siemens sells a product named "PLCSIM" which is a simulated S7, to be used for testing purposes


Is there some reason people are posting questions like these in a public forum, rather than asking the manufacturer / rep / distributor instead?!

Yes, Paul, and you know what it is, too.

People are usually reluctant to "bother" their local rep because they might get asked to buy something.

Even though companies like yours switched to consultative selling practices years ago, the image of local sales and technical support people is still low.

So, people waste time asking questions on forums like this, when they could just go get the answer in two or three minutes.

Now, what is going to happen is that I will get trashed by everyone who has ever had a bad experience with a vendor.

I'm honestly not trolling for this.

But it is a useful thing to note.

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I must be misunderstood. I thought the purpose of this list was to ask your peers for their ideas. I am asking my peers because the manufacturers solution is a little costly and I am interested in knowing of any suppliers / manufacturers / reps / distributors other than the ones I deal with locally.

I'm a little disappointed that the only technical answers to technical questions I get have a sarcastic tone. I was always told there was no such thing as a stupid or useless question.


Palaniappan R Kannan

It all depends on where you are and how good is your local rep. There are local reps. who just act as post offices. I am not talking about a particular product, but in general.

Palaniappan R Kannan
[email protected]

I intepreted the question to mean that someone was looking for free software to download.

In that case I understood why they were not asking the vendor or its representative.

The reply that Siemens's software is pricey got my interest. I called my local distributor ( Control Corp. of America) and asked for a part number and price for the plcsim.

The price quoted to me was $675.

I have used this software for almost two years. I have developed batch solutions for an explosives manufacturing plant using Siemens PCS 7 software. The plcsim is well worth the money.

I have bought VB drivers that let me talk to a plc and I paid more than $675. For what you get I consider 675 for plcsim a very reasonable price.


The question should, of course, be asked of the respective manufacturers. But the response will be biased. If there any additional experiences to be added by the folks here in the trenches, this is a Value-Added response.


i am a university student at electronical engineering and i need an demo or full version of s7 simulator is there any body to help me i am from turkey