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Geoff Lynn

For those people in the PLC community using the newest versions 4.10/4.11 RSLogix5 to program AB 5/20 or greater the following can happen to you. In the middle of the night when your most important station is down and people all around are expecting you to perform magic you can get bitten by the software bug. If you have a processor using Channel 0 as a system master polling other stations and you start to download or verify your program the following error occurs. ERROR:Channel 0 - DATA TABLE FILE #xx already exists and is of type 'B"! XX is the file number you use for the Priority Poll Node File . Change the file number to 0 download to processor then change it back to your file number and all is well. Speaking with Rockwell this morning I find this fault is well known to Rockwell but hasn't been communicated to users unless they have a problem. It will be fixed in Version 5 due to be released in a month or so. There are not too many Rockwell help desk people around in the middle of the night when you're surrounded by ever increasing hostile truck drivers. Hope this helps someone. Geoff Lynn BP Canada [email protected] [email protected]