PLC to Stepper Motor with Driver Combination Connectivity


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I'm trying to generate the pulses to control a stepper motor with a PLC (Allen Bradley).

The motor has a driver that converts the pulse/direction signals to the proper A and B phase signals for the motor. Our customer has did the programmed PLC to give in one output pin a series of pulses to move the motor. The problem is that when the motor moves a step it makes a bit loud noises, like it is completing rotation based on pulses at very slow speed, but we are unable to get max speed i.e. the combination of Geared motor + driver speed is 0-300 rpm.

Pls let us know the suitable solution to resolve the issue. As we are using oriental make CRK566APB-N10, CRK Series, Stepper Motor and Driver Package.
You need check some following issues:

1. Do PLC output pulses have amplitude and width according to stepper driver Spec?

2. Do you use High Speed Output of PLC?

3. Do you keep "Direction" Input of stepper driver at GND or Vcc level?

4. Do you use any acceleration/deceleration with motion?

5. Do load applied to stepper motor inside SOA?

6. Do stepper driver control has other option (i.e. full step, half step, etc)?

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