PLC WAGO read info of Omron (NJ101 and CJ2M)

Is possible WAGO PLC can read variables of a PLC Omron (NJ101 and CJ2M)?

it is possible , here some notes from OEMs manuals :

Determining the Process Image of the WAGO node
The figure below illustrates the hardware of the WAGO node in this example. The process
image table (I/O map) is displayed in byte format below the figure. In order to properly con-
figure the Omron CJ2 PLC, the process image of the WAGO node must be determined.
When the coupler is powered up, it automatically addresses the I/O modules of the node. The
data for complex modules (e.g. analog or other modules using 2 or more bytes) are mapped
first in the process image. They are mapped in the order of their physical position after the
coupler. As such, they start at byte address 0. Following this, the digital modules are
grouped into bytes (8-bits per byte). The bits are arranged in the order of the module’s loca-
tion. When the number of digital points exceeds eight (8-bits), the coupler automatically
starts the next byte.

14 •
With the Omron Scanner and WAGO node attached to the network, the WAGO node can be
registered to the scanner’s list of remote devices. Double-click the Omron PLC icon to open
Edit Device Parameters
window. Select the WAGO device under
Product Name
, then
click on the down arrow to move the WAGO node from the
Unregister Device List
to the
Register Device List

he WAGO node should now appear in the
Register Device List
In the
Edit Device Parameter
window, click on the
Tag Sets
tab. This will allow configura-
tion of the WAGO node to an Omron PLC address.
Edit Tags...
to display the
Edit Tags

The exchange of data between the Omron PLC and the WAGO 750-341 node can be demon-
strated using Omron’s CX-One Programmer software:
Launch CX-One Programmer. From the top menu, select
to start a new pro-ject.
Change Device Type to
CJ2M, and under Settings, change CPU Type to
Change Network Type to
EtherNet/IP, and under Settings change IP Address to Click OK
From the top menu, select
. A monitoring table will appear at the
bottom of the screen.

Have a good search on the web you can surely get the righ technical manual with clear described procedure to get both PLC communicating &operating properly

Hope this help.