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I need to open a ladder program to edit for A PLC2 I can upload the current program, but not view it. Why?

Please help I am looking at a blue screen PLC LADDER LOGISTICS. I learned to program in dos some 25 years ago, but moved onto slc's straight away. In no way did I think I'd have to look at another DOS program.

I have the ability upload and or download the program currently in the processor, but I don't know how to open it. I tried
F1) Select Program/PLC-2 Addr,

F2)Offline Programming/Doc which brings me to C:/PLC2>prompt (black screen)

F3)online Programming/Doc keeps me @ current blue screen and I get the same prompt. Now, do I need a handheld programmer?

Thank You,
Mark, [email protected]
I remember the PLC ladder logistics SW being very picky about the DOS PCs it ran on, so the symptoms you describe are, to put it mildly, expected. You migh try one of the following:

1.- Install your SW on a physical PC with older hardware and OS.

2.- Try this with a DOS virtual machine.

3.-Get an outsider to do the job.

I used to run the 6200 series SW instead, far more friendly. I really wouldn't dare run it on any windows platform, specially with its obsolete 1784-KT interface, which runs on an ISA bus. What we have, is an old DOS ver. 6.20 486 100 MHz PC which has the SW installed and opens up every PLC-2 program. I don't think you'll find a free download for this. I would suggest you contact Rockwell Automation for a copy.

We've tried this SW with a virtual machine, but doesn't work well. We do have some customers keeping these PLC-2s in operation and every now and then require support.

Whatever you decide, consider getting a PLC upgrade ASAP. I recently did a PLC-2/30 repair with spares from Ebay, supposed to be in working condition. It happened we had to make one out of the two with pieces from the spare and from the one installed, to get it to work. Customer took one month to get that spare.