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I have problem in PLC5 analog input module in rack 2 slot 0 the RUN indicator is blinking. I read in the manual said send configuration BTW. how to send configuration BTW?

I hope to send to my email khlid1144 [@] gmail [.] com
Any tips and ideas are very much appreciated.

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David Ferguson

AB analog inputs are programmed via BTW block transfer write and BTR block transfer read instructions......the BTW "writes" info to the card to tell it what each channel is, ie scaling, etc. this info usually is written just once to the card, for instance on power up etc, as it takes some overhead to keep writing it, and you only need to say 0-100 = 0-4095 raw values once. the BTR then reads the values from the card as they come in to it.

I usually include a toggle bit in the rung (xic instruction) that I toggle on to write the BTW again. I have seen people send the card in for repairs when all it needed was to be re-initiated, if they would have rebooted it would have resent the info........

Having said that I personally have only seen the need to do this like 3 times in 25 years.....but it does happen where they lose their brains and need to be reset.

Dave Ferguson
Control Systems Engineer