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Mario de Sousa

Hi all,

I have just commited the first working version of Hugh's plc5 emulator to the cvs.

You can also find a demo under /demo/basic_plc5
The idea is to have another demo similar to the basic demo, but now using the plc5 emulator instead of the chaser.c C program to do the
light chasing.

The demo is still lacking the chaser.plc file where the relevant chasing code should be inserted. Hugh, could you help out here please?
You are more familiar with the plc5 emulator than I am.

Unfortunately the emulator is not completely integrated into the linuxplc in that the variables to be used need to be declared both in
the linuxpoc.conf file and the *.plc file. Note that currently the emulator just logs a warning message if it doesn't find a corresponding
linuxplc variable, and continues using a null linuxplc point.

The linuxplc does not currently support strings, so any string variable cannot be shared outside the plc5 emulator, and will only be accessible
from within this emulator.


Mario J. R. de Sousa [email protected]