PLC5/SLC Communications Software for Linux Uploaded


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Dan Baker

I have uploaded a perl module and example programs
to read and write all data types (that I know of)
to/from Allen-Bradley PLC5's and SLC500 series
processors. Three communication types are supported: RS232 (straight to port 0 on a PLC or SLC or through a KF2 module to DH+ or through a KF3 module to DH485), Ethernet to an Ethernet PLC
or SLC505 (needs to be tested on SLC505), and
Ethernet to an ENET module in a ControlLogix Gateway, and through 1 or more DHRIO modules
to DataHighwayPlus-connected PLC's and SLC504's.
The nomenclature for rung data addresses and section 3-6 data is compatible with (stolen from) Ron Gage's ethernet comm package.
Perl (preferably 5.6) and the SerialPort module
are required. Data types tested are: I,O,S,B,T,C,R,N,F,SC,PD,BT,MG,ST,A,and D,
as well as (These type names are Ron's) PN,RG,and XA-XD.
Available for download at:
Dan Baker ([email protected])