PLC5 to Compumotor 6K series control via Ethernet


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Bruce Axtell

Dear List-

Has anyone successfully implemented Ethernet communications from a PLC5 to a Compumotor 6K#-series controller?

If so, any anecdotal caveats and gotchas? It looks like only the latest OS will work, and only binary or integers can be passed. Floating point
numbers are out of the question. Any info or examples, especially of the PLC code, would be appreciated. I have about 14 axis to control - not all on the same machine. The functions range from feed control, to shearing and pressing with a 1000 ton press.


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Hello Bruce,

I want to do something similar with a ControlLogix and 1756-ENET module. But did not work at all. We did it the Parker rep.

Any suggestion, please contact me.

Best regards