PLC505 Ehernet network visibility problem


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I want to connect a PLC to a existing Ethernet network..

SLC 505

So far I am not able to see the IP VIA RS linx

I have implemented a IP address, into the PLC using Boot-P Server,,

The new IP address is suitable for the network IP range :-

192.168.2.xx -Network -Network

PLC Sub-net mask = (I placed this manually into the channel config)

I can connect my laptop, to the network via wireless hub and successfully see other PLCs on the network, but not the PLC in question.

I can however connect by Ethernet cable directly to the PLC by using the newly implemented IP address..

(The IP setting on my laptop is also suitable for the network



bob peterson

When the PLC is connected to the network do you get the right LED response on the PLC and the network switch?

Its possible if you have a managed switch that there is something misconfigured in the switch. Could also be a bad port on the switch. bad cable from PLC to switch maybe.

But I am betting you duplicated an IP address already used somewhere on the network.
Thank you for responding.

I have a green Ethernet LED on the PLC

I have have swapped the cable into a spare socket on the Switch. The switch socket LED is also flashing..

We do not have the same IP Address anywhere else

I might add here.... We did have the PLC on the network and working last week,(For a few days ) but somehow the IP address in the PLC chan config got lost. (I can only assume this happened because the PLC lost power at some time and because we did not originally use Boot-P Server to initially implement the IP,)

Gerald Beaudoin

First...make sure you cables are OK...we always get caught on the details. If you are using the ETH driver, you have to manually enter the IP address into the station mapping table. If you use the ETHIP driver, be sure to set the settings to "browse remote subnet" and in the IP address box, enter the highest address and set the subnet mask to the appropriate value. The ETHIP driver should then browse all the nodes on the network.

Gerald Beaudoin

Rodney Wirtz

- First, you have to see the processor from RSLinx. If you do, you should have no problems.

- Second, configure Channel 1 in processor for your IP address and subnet mask. Turnoff BootIP.

- Third, Ping the processor's IP address to double confirm it is on network.

- You will probably use the serial connection to update the processor's IP address.