PLCs for control of valves, motors...


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I am new to PLCs (i am an undergrad student doing an internship at a company) and my boss has purchased Trilogy Research International's T100MD888+ PLC.

Now that i understand how PLCs work and the ladder logic/TBasic programming involved, i'd like to understand how this may be applied to controlling valve openings, stepper motors... I know this probably seems like a simple question to most of you, but i would appreciate some guidance or examples.

Thank you in advance.

OK. PLC can control control valves. For that you will have write a ladder logic and set the controls in it. LIke you can set an output (coil) say, o:1.0/0 is that address for that. This output is connected to the control valve.

SO when you run the program, and when the rung containing this output goes true, it will set the output and this in turn will turn the control valve ON or OFF (or say open or close the valve).

Normally this is how everything is controlled. I hope I am right and this helps.