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Mark Riche

I'm looking for a cheaper equivalent alternative to the AB Panelview 550 to interface to a uLogix 1500. Any suggestions ?




Look at the A-B PanelViews 2711-T5A16L1, 2711-K3A17L1, and 2711-M3A18L1. These will work in your PanelView550 application and let you reuse the PLC tags and other work you already have in place, at significantly lower cost. Get details from and your distributor.

For the MicroLogix1500 specifically, consider the 1764-DAT. This plugs into the front of the ML1500 processor and provides access to up to 40 integers and 40 bits in your program. At US$125 list price, this has to be the cheapest way possible to get data in and out of your ML1500.

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Larry Lawver
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I know a lot of Automation Direct's OIs will talk to a SLC, and the uLogix talks DF1 and has a SLC-like memory structure, so I would assume they should work. I don't think I've seen this application explicitly addressed
in their ads or catalog though.

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Mark, I have used several of the touch screens availalbe at with the micrologix 1200s. They are also claimed to be compatible with the 1500s. These are soft units, plastic bezel, etc. But then I placed them in clean room environments where they don't get abused much. They are easy to set up and inexpensive. I wouldn't use one where it will have take some abuse.

Anibal Avendano

I will not consider buying EXOR because they are not makers and they will not support you in any way, I will suggest NEMATRON, XYCOM, Automation Direct or MAPLE any of them work fine and they are well supported.
Au contraire. Exor actually makes more of the raw components than the average screen manufacturer. For instance - they don't buy their actual LCD screen from asia, they make it in Italy (Exor's headquarters). As for support, sounds like you had a 'bad incident', you can actually get questions answered from them, because they are not trying to be all things to all people. Be careful what you post on public forums...

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